Hellenic American Maritime Forum - Partnership Package and Event Guide 2019

02 Explore more at www.hellenicamericanmaritimeforum.com 201 9 Par tner Package Hellenic American 29-30 MAY 2019 M a r i t i m e F o r u m Welcome note / About the organisers ABOUT SAFETY 4SEA ( about.safety4sea.com ) SAFETY 4SEA (incorporating GREEN 4SEA & SMART 4S- EA ) is on a mission for Safe Ships & Clean Seas , committed to promote safer, smarter & greener shipping using safety4sea. com (with a top 5 world rank), monthly paper magazines & special publications (circulated in more than 12,000 copies monthly across the globe and onboard ships), along with video & social media to communicate news, insight, intelligence and opinions. Furthermore it hosts SAFETY 4SEA , GREEN 4SEA , SMART 4SEA & CAREER 4SEA Conference & Awards to foster excellence and share best practices across shipping. To learn more please visit about.safety4sea.com . Why the Hellenic American Maritime Forum? Our industry is going through a profound and perplexing period of change as it navigates to the future. It is being asked to provide a seamless transportation system that is safe, green and smart. To achieve sustainability, it needs to be innovative and optimized. This is why SAFETY 4SEA and SHIPPINGInsight have collaborated to produce the Hellenic American Maritime Forum : to provide an environment where shipowners and managers can voice their concerns and needs while finding solutions and collaborations. What better way than to align the world’s greatest shipping nation with the commercial heft of the Americas? Plan to join us in May to help create order out of chaos as we build a community to advance the shipping industry into the next phase of its success! ABOUT SHIPPINGInsight ( shippinginsight.com ) Established in 2012, SHIPPINGInsight is a multi-pronged in- dustry engagement platform focusing on fleet optimization and innovation to support the maritime industry as it experi- ences accelerated change. In addition to a weekly news/opin- ion outlet, the signature feature of SHIPPINGInsight is its an- nual fleet optimization and innovation conference held in October in North America. The event provides a forum for shipowners and solution providers to exchange ideas and dis- cuss challenges in facing the transformation of the industry. The 2019 event is taking place Oct. 15-17 at the Hilton Hotel in Stamford, Connecticut. Apostolos Belokas SAFETY 4SEA Managing Editor [email protected] Apostolos Belokas @ApoBelokas Carleen LydenWalker SHIPPINGInsight Chief Evolution Officer [email protected] Carleen Lyden Walker